Should women lift weights to get fit?

Hear it straight from the lips of the first female bodybuilding champion….

Rachel Mclish

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How to: Vegetable salad-Easy guide:)

Grains- Friend or Foe


I found this while browsing the i-net, I thought you might be interested:
The Grains Debate by

Warning-Popcorn can damage your lungs!

Picture by Flagstaffotos /Fir0002

The Guardian news reports that exposure to chemical compound Diacetil used in the artificial butter flavouring of the microwave popcorn causes a dangerous chronic lung condition named bronchiolitis obliterans. The report continues with a story of a Colorado man who was awarded huge payout by a US federal court for developing the condition after consuming microwaved popcorn.This is strong proof why you should eat natural organic food without any artificial favours and additives.Read the whole story at the source:

Organic Home made Yoghurt

Self Myofascial Release-Foam rolling guide

Foam Rolling Infographic

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HIIT-High Intensity Interval Training

The Complete Guide to Interval Training

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