In defence of grain consumption

OK this is in stark contrast with the previous post. I know it might be confusing you but I believe everyone needs to know all the options to be able to get better informed decisions about their health and fitness. Ryan Andrews from Precision Nutrition has written an article which explore the reasons for inclusion of grains in your diet. I think it is worth reading, check it out…


GMO-Myths and Truths

This is an interesting video about GMO, by Dr. Mercola

Scientist: Antibiotic use in animal agriculture cause human health problems

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As reported by The Guardian: group of scientist warned that there is a growing body of evidence linking the overuse of antibiotics in animal farming with adverse effects on the human health, and propose measures to be taken to prevent further problems. Antibiotic-resistant diseases are linked to this practice. Read more at the source…

Warning-Popcorn can damage your lungs!

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The Guardian news reports that exposure to chemical compound Diacetil used in the artificial butter flavouring of the microwave popcorn causes a dangerous chronic lung condition named bronchiolitis obliterans. The report continues with a story of a Colorado man who was awarded huge payout by a US federal court for developing the condition after consuming microwaved popcorn.This is strong proof why you should eat natural organic food without any artificial favours and additives.Read the whole story at the source: